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Ponds Overhaul Services

Is your pond leaking water? Is it covered in String Algae? Do your fish look unhealthy? Do you wish your pond looked the way it did when it was first installed? Our Pond Overhaul Service allows for the rejuvenation of those dirty, broken, and falling apart ponds that have been carelessly maintained by another company, or simply not maintained at all. We at Normal Aquatics have taken over many Ponds that have been poorly maintained by others before us. Because of our Pond Overhaul Service, we have been able to bring back the beauty in many Ponds.

We provide a free assessment and estimate for our Overhaul Services. Normal Aquatics likes to let you know exactly what repairs, new equipment, and procedures will be needed in order to overhaul your pond and bring it back to its original glory.

Below is a list of Pond Maintenance Tasks we perform (but not limited to):

  • 50% + water change service
  • Intense algae removal service
  • Pond redesign
  • Pond reinstallation
  • Pond resealing

Since taking responsibility over our tank, the level of service, knowledge and communication has never been higher. You have been able to turn our tank around when it needed it so desperately.

J. Riccio - Monroe, CT

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At Normal Aquatics, our team initiative is to create state of the art aquatic displays, provide high quality maintenance, and develop amicable relationships with each customer. We offer the same flexibility, knowledge and experience to create any type of indoor/outdoor pond, aquascape, waterfall, water feature or fountain. Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation!


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