We offer a wide range of pond and water feature services for both residential and commercial spaces. We strive to meet all of your pond’s needs, from the initial pond design and installation to regular pond maintenance and cleaning. We also offer emergency overhaul services when needed.

Our Custom Pond & Water Feature Design, Installation & Maintenance services include the following:

Water Fountains, Water Gardens, Water Features in Connecticut

Pond & Water Feature Design

Normal Aquatics understands that ponds are meant to be the centerpiece of a beautiful landscape. With our experience and knowledge, we are able to create Custom Pond Designs with proper compatibility with the landscape provided.

Pond or Water Feature / Garden Installation and Build Services in Connecticut | Normal Aquatics

Pond & Water Garden Installation

Normal Aquatics are highly qualified and experienced pond and water garden builders/installers. We install custom water features from pond, waterfall, & fountain installation, to water gardens and more. Your pond or water feature will seamlessly blend in with your existing landscape.

Custom Pond Design Services in Connecticut | Normal Aquatics

Pond & Water Feature Maintenance

Proper Maintenance is crucial in keeping a healthy and clean Pond. Normal Aquatics can create a program that fits anyone’s Pond Service requirements and budget. We can service and maintain your pond twice weekly, weekly, bi- weekly, or monthly.

Pond Overhaul Services in Connecticut | Normal Aquatics

Full-Service Pond Overhaul

Normal Aquatics have taken over many Ponds that have been poorly maintained by others before us. Because of our Pond Overhaul Service, we have been able to bring back the beauty in many Ponds.We provide a free assessment and estimate for our Overhaul Services.

Pond Winterization & Spring Opening Services in Connecticut | Normal Aquatics

Pond Winterization & Spring Opening

Our Pond Service Team goes through a strict pond winterization procedure so that Spring Opening will begin with no issues. This is something we offer both to regularly maintained clients and one-time service for those who care for their own ponds during the open season.

Pond and Water Feature Repair Services in Connecticut | Normal Aquatics

Pond & Water Feature Repairs

Is your pond leaking water? Is your Filter not working? Or, is something wrong with your heater? We at Normal Aquatics provide a Pond Repair Service where we are able to repair or replace any broken or damaged pond equipment and materials to help get your pond running properly again.

Pond & Water Feature Lighting Install Services in Connecticut by Normal Aquatics

Pond & Water Lighting Features

A popular feature in many ponds and water features is custom lighting installation; both spotlight lighting and submersible lighting. This is great for hanging out by your illuminated pond late at night and taking a look at your fish swimming around.

Pond Fish and Plant Selection Services in Connecticut by Normal Aquatics

Plants and Fish Selection for Ponds

Pond Plants and Fish are a great addition to your beautiful pond display. All different types of colorful fish and plants can enhance the magnificence of your pond. Normal Aquatics specializes in the care for pond plants (such as lilies, lotus plants, etc) and pond fish (such as koi, fancy goldfish, etc).

Emergency Pond Services in Connecticut by Normal Aquatics

Emergency Pond Services

Normal Aquatics is proud to offer 24/7 Emergency Service. If there is anything that requires immediate attention to your Aquarium or Pond, our Emergency Service team will be there right away. From a leaking sump, an Emergency water change to a power outage.

Below is a list of tasks performed, but not limited to:

  • Free estimates and consultations on pond design, construction, installation, and maintenance
  • 24 hour emergency availability.
  • 15%-50% water change and vacuum service
  • Replace/clean decorations
  • Pond Algae cleaning service
  • Filter Pad/Media Replacement
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Pond Plant Care
  • Clean filtration area
  • Fish Feeding
  • One month unconditional livestock guarantee
  • Limited lifetime warranty on aquariums and cabinetry
  • No delivery charge for livestock, pumps, lighting, food, etc.
  • Clean strainers
  • Replace overflow filters
  • Replace filter bags
  • Tune-up (ensure pumps are working properly)
  • Fish health assessment
  • Water testing
  • Deliver livestock/fish food as needed