Full-Service Aquarium Overhaul

Here at Normal Aquatics, we provide a service that will allow an overhaul or “make-over”, to your current aquarium. We can provide a thorough clean-out of your aquarium, convert your freshwater system to saltwater, or upgrade your filtration system, during your Aquarium Overhaul. We can also provide an Aquarium Repair Call and repair any equipment to get your existing Aquarium System back up and a running.

Neglected reef tanks can be overwhelmed with hair algae. It is a long process to remove all of the live rock and coral to scrub off the hair algae, which is only half the battle. The other half of the process is removing the hair algae’s food source, high levels of phosphates and nitrates. Our Aquarium Overhaul will help rid the tank of any nuisance that is disrupting a healthy Aquarium System.

If you wish to convert and keep your current aquarium and cabinetry, our Aquarium Overhaul Service can re-plumb and upgrade your system with the correct filters, change your gravel to crushed coral or sand, and replace your lighting.

Below is a of Aquarium Overhaul Services Provided (but not limited to):

  • 50% + water change service
  • Intense algae removal service
  • Aquarium redesign
  • Aquarium reinstallation
  • Chemical Treatments
  • Medication Treatments
  • Reinstallation/Re-plumbing

Since taking responsibility over our tank, the level of service, knowledge and communication has never been higher. You have been able to turn our tank around when it needed it so desperately.

J. Riccio - Monroe, CT

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