Plants and Fish for Ponds

Pond Plants and Fish are a great addition to your beautiful pond display. All different types of colorful fish and plants can enhance the magnificence of your pond. Normal Aquatics specializes in the care for pond plants (such as lilies, lotus plants, etc) and pond fish (such as koi, fancy goldfish, etc). We can provide your pond with any desired plants or fish, as well as treat any ill fish currently in your system.

To ensure that your pond or water feature is appearing vibrant and functioning properly throughout the year, you can turn to the pond installation and maintenance professionals at Normal Aquatics. Our team of technicians is experienced and will be capable of meeting all your requirements. It is important for your ponds or water features to be functioning at it’s highest capacity as well as being ecologically sound in order to maintain a healthy environment for your fish and plants. Based in Connecticut, Normal Aquatics can provide all of the necessary tools services and materials to achieve this goal.

Since taking responsibility over our tank, the level of service, knowledge and communication has never been higher. You have been able to turn our tank around when it needed it so desperately.

J. Riccio - Monroe, CT

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