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Normal Aquatics

Normal Aquatics has been designing, installing and servicing all types of aquatic displays, ponds, and water features for both commercial and residential establishments since 1999.

Our primary concerns are establishing and maintaining long term client relations while taking a proactive approach to sustaining the health of our marine life. As part of our comprehensive client relations policy we offer free design consultations. Moreover, we take great pride in our competitive pricing and offer a variety of payment plans to best serve the individual needs of each customer. We strive for constant flexibility of our schedule to insure that our services are available at the clients’ convenience.

As we mentioned earlier, healthy marine life and the sustainability of their eco system is of utmost importance to the Normal Aquatics team. We support the longevity of each habitat with consistent water quality regulation using top of the line filtration systems. In addition as part of our monitoring process, we replace all media (i.e. filtration pads, carbon, sponges) as necessitated by the conditions of the aquatic habitat. Our knowledgeable staff will provide food and all dietary information based on the needs of each individual species.   

We specialize in the following:

  • Coral reefs
  • Nano-reefs
  • Salt-water fish only
  • Freshwater Aquariums
  • Community Tanks
  • Indoor/Outdoor Ponds
  • Fountains and Water Features
  • Planted Aquariums
  • And much more!

Norman Barraria (Owner)

How Can We Help You?

At Normal Aquatics, our team initiative is to create state of the art aquatic displays, provide high quality maintenance, and develop amicable relationships with each customer. We offer the same flexibility, knowledge and experience to create any type of indoor/outdoor pond, aquascape, waterfall, water feature or fountain. Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation!


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