Aquarium Lighting Systems - Normal Aquatics - Greewich, CTIn the past, aquarium owners seldomly paid too much mind to the type of lighting that was used for their fish tank, which was most likely due to the fact that there was not many different types of lighting available on the market. These days, the selection of aquarium lighting systems is much more vast, which will give owners a greater possibility of providing the proper amount of light for their aquarium so that their tank will flourish. There are different techniques and guidelines to follow when you are setting up your lighting system. It is important to understand that maintaining the proper amounts of lighting for your tank is very essential to the health and well-being of your fish, corals, and plants.

If your fish tank is inhabiting only fish, we recommend that you utilize 3 watts of lighting per gallon of water contained in your tank. This proportion is vital to controlling the levels of algae that build within your tank. If you notice that the algae levels are growing at a rapid rate, it may be a result of your lighting being too powerful. You should try your best to recreate your fish’s natural habitat, which usually requires providing at least 10 hours of lighting per day. We recommend utilizing a timer, so that you can provide light to your tank a consistent basis each day. If the amount of light your aquarium is receiving fluctuates on a daily basis, you could be contributing to stress issues for your fish.

The aquarium installation and maintenance specialists at Normal Aquatics have experience in the many different types of aquarium lighting systems, and can assist you in choosing a system that will best suit your tank. We have listed a few of the most popular lighting systems below:

  • Incandescent Aquarium Lighting: Incandescent bulbs are very similar to the types of bulbs that are utilized to light most households. Incandescent bulbs utilize a tugsten filament system that will radiate as electricity envelopes it. Incandescent lights come in an assortment of colors to emphasize your aquarium and are very affordable. The drawbacks are that they are not as efficient as florescent tubes and they can produce a great deal of heat, which can cause the temperatures of your tank to rise.
  • Fluorescent Aquarium Lighting: Florescent lighting is considered the standard for aquarium lighting systems and we highly recommend utilizing it for your aquarium. Fluorescent lighting has the ability to re-create natural light more effectively than incandescent lighting and it will also present the colors of your fish more vibrantly. It creates a much higher level of light per watt and much lower levels of heat, which will keep your fish, corals, and plants very happy.
  • Metal Halide Aquarium Lighting – To many aquarium experts, metal halide lighting is the favorite and epitomizes the top of the line aquarium lighting system. They appear very similar to incandescent lighting, but the mechanics of the system are quite contrasting. Metal Halide features the greatest sequence of color balance, color execution and photosynthetic light productivity, which creates a very natural and healthy habitat for your aquarium. A couple of drawbacks of the metal halide lighting system is that they may be less efficient than florescent tubes and are more expensive.

Your main objective in setting up your aquarium lighting system is to recreate a natural environment for your fish, corals, and plants. Fish and aquarium life are very much like humans, in that too much or too little light can lead to poor health due to the stresses involved.

With the vast amount of light bulbs, light tubes, light fixtures, light strips, and aquarium hoods available, providing the most efficient lighting for your aquarium can become an extremely daunting task. We hope that the information provided in this article will assist you in making the best possible decision when choosing which lighting system will best suite your tank. If you have any questions regarding aquarium lighting systems, do not hesitate to contact the Connecticut aquarium installation and maintenance professionals at Normal Aquatics for a free consultation!

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