Every fish tank is unique, so the maintenance schedule you follow for your tank could potentially be different from the schedule another aquarium owner may follows There are a number of factors to consider when determining your maintenance schedule. Every aquarium contains distinctive traits and elements, so you will need to create a maintenance schedule that is tailored to suit the unique characteristics of your fish tank. The Long Island, NY aquarium installation and maintenance professionals at Normal Aquatics have put together a list of key elements to take into consideration when constructing your aquarium maintenance schedule.

  • Fish Tank Placement: You will need to determine how much room you will need to comfortably fit your aquarium in your home or commercial business, and its very important to understand how much weight the floor of your structure can hold. It is not recommended to place your aquarium next to a window, because direct sunlight can raise the temperature of your fish tank and promote algae growth. Also, try not to place your tank beside your ventilation system, because the heating and cooling omitted from the vents can effect the ecosystem of your aquarium.
  • The Size of Your Tank: We recently performed a custom aquarium installation for a client in Huntington, NY and our customer was very surprised to find out that the greater size of an aquarium, the less maintenance it will require. The reason for this is mainly because the larger mass of water contained in the tank will allow the waste of your fish to dissipate more easily, which will allow your water to stay more clean compared to a smaller sized aquarium.
  • Filtration System: The filtration system can be considered the core of your aquarium and is the one of the most important factors of whether your aquarium will be healthy or not. Your filtration system will convert the waste in your aquarium to a level that is not harmful to your inhabitants. Filters are crucial for maintaining a clean and lively habitat for your fish which will make them have a long and healthy existence.
  • Feeding Routine: Overfeeding is one of the most concurrent issues leading to fish loss in most aquariums. When the fish in an aquarium are overfed, the food which is not consumed will accumulate and create a larger amount of waste. Also, when fish are over-eating, they are producing larger amounts of waste. The protein levels in the food which was not consumed and additional fish waste are converted into ammonia and nitrites, which are extremely toxic to fish.
  • Overstocking Fish Tank: A very common problem with aquarium owners is overstocking their tank with too many fish. Before purchasing and adding fish to your tank, it is very wise to fully understand how large your fish will become. Overstocking your aquarium will lead to problems such as poor water quality. Overstocking can also lead to diminutive growth, fish disease, and even territorial issues.

Performing daily and weekly aquarium maintenance for your fish tank may not always be your number one priority due to the busy lives most of us live. If you don’t have the time to consistently provide adequate maintenance for your aquarium, you can turn to the Long Island aquarium maintenance specialists at Normal Aquatics for assistance. Normal Aquatics can create a maintenance program that fits anyone’s aquarium service requirements and budget. We can service and maintain your Long Island, NY aquarium weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Because of the sensitivity of a reef environment and how crucial proper aquarium maintenance is, we recommend a recurring maintenance program. We will visit your aquarium with a free Aquarium Consultation before we formally write up a quote.

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