Aquarium Moving Services - Aquarium Maintenance Specialists - Normal Aquatics - Connecticut and New York City Relocating to a new residence can present some stressful challenges. If you are an aquarium owner, the move can be an even more stressful endevour for your fish. It is important that you take the proper precautions before you begin your aquarium move, or it is very possible that you may lose some of your fish. You may want to refer to our previous article, where we explained methods in reducing the stress levels in your aquarium. Many aquarium professionals even recommend that you sell off the fish in your existing tank before you move and then build your tank from scratch once it is re-installed at your new location. We believe that an aquarium move can be a successful project and you can decrease your losses if you adhere to the following procedures.

When you remove fish from there natural habitat, you will be creating an extremely stressful situation for them. Once they are removed from your fish tank, you will need to place them into a holding vessel while transporting them to the new location. It is important to create an identical environment in their temporary vessel, so you should use the same water that was in their current tank. You will also want to make the transport time as short as possible and place them in their new assimilated aquarium environment as quickly as possible.

Fish tanks are very fragile and in most cases will be extremely difficult to transport. You will want to be certain that you have enough people to safely move the aquarium and have a protective method of transportation. If you do not have the proper tools and manpower to successfully move your aquarium, you can contact the professional Connecticut aquarium movers at Normal Aquatics to assist you. Our skilled technicians can assist you in any type and size aquarium moving demands that you may have. Normal Aquatics aquarium moving can tear down your existing aquarium, pack everything up appropriately, move your aquarium to your new location, set everything back up again in a precise manner and ensure that your new aquarium is running efficiently again.

Connecticut and New York City Aquarium Movers

We will begin the aquarium transfer process by funneling an ample amount of water from your existing aquarium into a waiting container. Once we have established a temporary natural environment for your fish, we will then capture your fish by delicately using a net and then relocate them to the transportation container. If necessary we can administer an aeration device or heater to reduce the amount of stress and to make sure that your fish are receiving the necessary amount of oxygen during the transfer process.

Aquarium Moving Services - Aquarium Maintenance Specialists - Normal Aquatics - Connecticut and New York City Before we begin to remove the remaining water in your fish tank, we will be certain to turn off your heating system. We will continue to funnel the water into buckets and then carefully transfer the water to your new location. We have a team of professional aquarium movers that will safely transport your aquarium to your new location. Once we have carefully moved your aquarium and water containers to the new location, will will refill your tank with the transported water and add any additional needed water to get the water balance in your tank to its optimal level. We will then restore the external attachments we had previously removed and and plug in the heaters, filter, lights and aerator pumps.

Once we have set up your aquarium and transferred the water and landscape of your tank to recreate a natural habitat for your fish, we will proceed to test the consistency of the water by analyzing the pH level, temperature, salinity, and chlorine content. We will utilize a stress reducing agent that will heal any damaged tissue, torn fins, and any skin wounds your fish may have received. It also removes dangerous levels of chlorine or ammonia and neutralizes heavy metals that may be contained in the water. It also replaces the natural secretion of slime that is interrupted by handling, shipping, fish fighting, or other forms of stress.

Once we have recreated the original habitat of your aquarium and the condition of your water is back to its natural level, we will return the fish to your tank in a delicate manner using a fish net. We fully understand that fish, and especially invertebrates (including corals), are very sensitive to even minor changes in their habitat, so we take all of the proper acclimation steps to ensure a successful relocation. Normal Aquatics has moved many tanks before (both large Aquariums and nano tanks), and has great experience with handling livestock, and reducing fish and coral stress. If you want to change up your aquascape, and move some rocks and corals around, let us know! We want your tank to be just as beautiful as it were before the move! Should any problem arise during your move (which is highly unlikely), Normal Aquatics is fully insured; you will be 100% covered!

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