A protein skimmer is an important component that is utilized in saltwater reef aquariums, which works to remove organic substances from the water within your tank. It is important to have an efficiently working protein skimmer for your aquarium because, over a short period of time, organic substances such as fish waste and remaining food can build up and create a very unhealthy environment for the inhabitants of your tank. Your protein skimmer works to break away and expunge these raw matters from your aquarium, which will help to lower the levels of algae as well as toxic matter, which will keep your tank vibrant and clear, rises oxygen levels, while lowering the amount of times you will be required to change your water.

A protein skimmer consists of three features which consists of the flow rate, bubble magnitude and contact term. The greater size of the bubble, the quicker the flow rate and lower contact term, will control how efficient your protein skimmer operates.

A traditional protein skimmer will include basic air-stone fastened to the air pump, that will force bubbles to a higher point into a collection chalice. An enhanced a more productive type of protein skimmer will be comprised of a water pump, which generates a quick active flow of water in which the air bubbles are administered. An even more equipped protein skimmer will will introduce a strong level of aerated water towards the bottom of your aquarium, which creates a greater contact duration.

A great advantage to modern protein skimmers is that the amount of maintenance involved in not very high. Protein skimmer maintenance mainly involves cleaning the valve and clearing away any accumulated debris within the central component of the skimmer. No matter which type of protein skimmer you choose for your aquarium, they will require periodic cleaning to operate at their highest levels of efficiency. When choosing a skimmer, it may be worth it to spend the extra for a more high quality skimmer. Over time the health and vibrancy of your tank will be greatly enhanced.