The Connecticut pond installation and maintenance contractors at Normal Aquatics understand that each pond we design and install is a unique project. We take into consideration the owners specific vision and tastes, as well as the surrounding landscape when we are in the design phases for each pond. There are many factors to consider when designing the layout such as which types of stones to use, will there be a water fall or garden water feature integrated into the design, which types of plants will be employed, and of coarse what type of fish will occupy the pond.

It is very common for pond owners to utilize numerous species of plants when they are decorating their pond, some of which will live above the water line and others that will live under. It is important to have plants that live above the surface of the pond, because it will provide additional shade to your pond, which will reduce the levels of algae accumulation. The roots of these plants will also give your fish comfortable places to conceal themselves, which will help to reduce their stress levels. Plants that live under the surface of your pond will give your fish additional levels of oxygen and keep the nitrogen at a safe inhabitable level.

When you are selecting the types of fish as well as the number of fish you would like to include in your pond, the size of your pond will be a major factor. Some of the most popular fish that are used in backyard ponds in the Connecticut area are koi, mosquito fish, and goldfish, because of their beauty and ability to adapt to the changing seasonal temperatures. Here are some more details about each of these fish:

  • Goldfish: Goldfish are considered to be a very enduring species of fish, not expensive, and are readily available in most aquatic pet stores. They can tolerate lower levels of oxygen than other fish, and can grow up to one foot in length. They make an optimal fish for a backyard pond beginner.
  • Koi: Koi are a very popular selection for ponds. They are attractive fish that come in numerous colors and pattern varieties. Adult koi regularly reach over two feet in length and should only be kept in ponds that are over one-thousand gallons. If koi fish are cared for properly, they can live on for very long periods of time.
  • Mosquito Fish: Mosquito fish typically posses a silver colored appearance and can adapt nicely to a small or large sized pond. They typically feed off of insects, which can be beneficial for your pond if you are interested in reducing the amount of pesky mosquitos. They also feed off of and eliminate the algae and insects that can cause damage and bring disease to your plants.

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