As a saltwater aquarium owner, you understand that with all of the different species of Fish, Corals, and Invertebrates for available for your Reef Aquarium, selecting the types that are best suited for your tank can be a very daunting task. Your initial instinct may be to go online to find out information and get recommendations, but it can be very time consuming and frustrating to sift through all of the information and potential mis-information available. Your best bet may be to contact a saltwater aquarium specialist, that has the experience and understanding of reef tanks, and can assist you in selecting the best species.

A reef tank that contains a large assortment of fish, corals, and invertebrates can create a captivating atmosphere that can procure countless hours of enjoyment. However, to find the right combination of fish, corals, and invertebrates can be difficult and will be an investment that you would like to protect. You want to choose fish that will not attack each other and will live for a long period of time. Such factors that you must take into consideration is the size of your fish, as it relates to the amount of gallons of water your tank holds, as well as the territorial tendencies of your fish, food requirements and waste production. Again, you may find conflicting results by conducting online research, so it is best to contact the salt-water aquarium specialists at Normal Aquatics to receive a no-cost consultation.

You can visit our aquarium shop Max Reef located at 955 Connecticut Ave, # 3101 Bridgeport, Connecticut. We are one of the largest aquarium shops in Connecticut and bring a lifetime commitment to exotic marine life, saltwater fish, corals and invertebrates, while offer a large selection at affordable prices. With a large selection of marine life from from locations throughout the world including Australia and Indonesia, there’s plenty of corals and fish to choose from for everyone from part-time hobbyists to the most advanced aquarists.

Beyond assist you in selecting the best possible Fish, Corals, and Invertebrates for your aquarium, our specialties at Normal Aquatics involves designing a state of the art aquarium to best suit your home or place of business. If you are constructing a new structure, we can work closely with designers, carpenters, and/or architects to ensure that your new aquarium will blend seamlessly with the contours of your new space. Feel free to contact us directly (203) 292-5922 to schedule your no-cost consultation or estimate! You can also stop by our Max Reef Store location. Click here for directions and store hours.