Choosing the best saltwater aquarium filter | New Canaan, Stamford, CTWith the numerous amounts of saltwater aquarium filters available on the market, it can be a difficult task in choosing the one that is best suited for your aquarium. If you are new to the saltwater tank arena, it will best to consult an aquarium specialist to help you to determine the most appropriate fit. Saltwater fish, corals, and invertebrate possess divergent requirements compared to freshwater fish in the area of water quality. Saltwater tank inhabitants in many cases are much more reactive to low quality water conditions, which can easily lead to harmful bacteria and disease.

The main purposes of your filter is to maintain clean water for your aquarium as well keeping the water within your tank circulating. The circulation of water within your tank is very important in assisting the inhabitants in maintaining a natural environment, as they are accustomed to ocean tides and currents. Based in Fairfield, CT, the custom saltwater tank installation and maintenance professionals at Normal Aquatics have compiled a list of some of the most popular filtration systems available for your aquarium, and the benefits of each below.

  • Mechanical Aquarium Filters – This type of system works to extract solid fragments and waste from the water within your tank through it’s filtration system, before it has had the opportunity to decay. However, it is not effective in extracting components such as ammonia or nitrates. It is important to replace or clean out your filters every month in order to remove the decaying matter that may be still be trapped within.
  • Chemical Aquarium Filters – There are a variety of harmful chemicals and pollutants, such as copper, chlorine, and metals, that are capable of infiltrating the water of your home aquarium. A chemical filtration system is a convenient method for effectively ridding many types of pollutants from your water supply. The majority of chemical filters will successfully remove specific pollutants from your tank and can also work with other filtration systems to create a multi-functional chemical filter that will be much more effective in removing an assortment of hazardous pollutants from your aquarium.
  • Biological Aquarium Filters – Many saltwater aquarium professionals consider a biological filter to me one of the foremost types of systems you can possess for your saltwater tank. A biological filter is a natural filtering system consisting of helpful bacterial colonies that, through a cycling process, convert pollutants in water to harmless nitrate. Biological filtration very effective in displacing harmful waste chemicals that is produced by fish waste and uneaten food in the aquarium.
  • Sump Aquarium Filters – Sump filters are made of very basic components and are widely considered to be the most efficient filtration system that can be utilized for your aquarium. At the same time it can also be the most expensive filtration system available for your aquarium, because it will require a greater deal of equipment and plumbing in order to properly function. The sump is typically placed below the tank, within the cabinet and usually includes a protein skimmer, filter sponge, substrate reactors and a filter sock.

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