Several years ago, a new style of aquarium lighting was developed called the compact fluorescent light-bulb, which has altered the methods of maintaining planted and reef salt water fish tanks. The compact florescent light-bulb, which have dimensions that are narrow and shaped in a U fashion, have the capacity to permeate a greater level of light per watt than customary light fixtures. In most cases, it can easily be applied to your current aquarium setup and allow you to grow plants that require a great deal of light, as well as corals.

Fish Tank maintenance and upgrades will often consist of replacing your current equipment. However, when it comes to aquarium lighting systems, you can conveniently replace the existing lamp of your lighting system with a more powerful and energy efficient lamp. The Connecticut aquarium maintenance professionals at Normal Aquatics can assist you in determining which specific lighting system will best suit your tank. Many aquarium owners are of the misunderstanding that the highest possible wattage will be the best option for their tank. Choosing the most efficient level of wattage and color temperate of your lighting system will depend largely on the specifies of fish and types of corals or reefs in your aquarium.

You purchased your aquarium so that it can be admired and provide a soothing environment for your household or office, so you should make it a priority to highlight all of the beauty of your aquarium with the most dynamic lighting system possible. Based in Connecticut, Normal Aquatics is your premier source for aquarium lighting systems and fish tank maintenance, and we can can assist you in locating the the greatest lights for your aquarium. Contact us today at (203) 292-5922 to scheudle your no-cost consultation and estimate!

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