A consistent issue we encounter when performing aquarium maintenance services to our clients throughout the Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York City region is an excessive amount of algae buildup within aquariums. There are numerous methods of combating algae and preventative methods that can be taken to help stop harmful levels of algae accumulation from occurring within your tank. Aquarium algae is not necessarily a bad thing, however once aquarium the algae begins to encompass your plants, reefs, corals and decorations it can make your tank look unclean, which will distract from the overall beauty of your aquarium. The Connecticut custom aquarium installation and maintenance professionals at Normal Aquatics have compiled a list a factors that are most likely contributing to your slimy problem.

Feed your fish moderately. We understand that all the activity in your aquarium that results from feeding time can be very exciting to watch, so you may be tempted to overfeed your fish. But you should realize that the over-abundance of food that you are feeding your fish is what is allowing the extra amount of algae in your tank to flourish. The algae relies on nutrients that are generated from the remaining food and additional waste that is created by your fish. You should limit your feedings to once per day, or an alternative would be to feed them smaller portions to keep your algae from thriving.

Limit the amount of lighting. One of the most crucial factors in controlling the amount of algae growth within your aquarium is placing a limit on the amount of lighting your aquarium receives. If your aquarium is located near a window, where it can receive direct sunlight, your algae will grow at a much more rapid rate. We recommend that you do not leave your aquarium light turned on longer than an ten hour span over the coarse of a day. It is important for the health of your fish to receive at least 6 hours of light per day, so please keep that in mind as well. It is also important to keep your lighting levels on a consistent basis throughout the day, so make an effort to turn them on and off at approximately the same time each day.

Add more plants to your aquarium. When you add additional plants to your aquarium, you are actually promoting competition with your algae. Your plants will utilize the additional nutrients that are left over from the remaining food and fish waste that accumulates within your tank. If your plants are using up all these nutrients, they will be deterring the algae in your tank from using the nutrients that they need in order to survive and flourish.

Utilize a protein skimmer. A clean and properly functioning protein skimmer will be one of your greatest tools in exporting nutrients from your tank. Protein skimmers will also reduce nitrate buildup within your aquarium and increase the clarity of the water in your tank, which will give a cleaner and more clear appearance for your tank. This will also put less strain on your filtration systems, so your filter can operate in a more efficient manner and your aquarium will require less maintenance over time.

Stock your tank with algae eating livestock. There are many different types of algae consuming livestock available that would love nothing more than to rid your tank of algae for you. There are many different species of shrimp, snails, catfish, and plecos to choose from. The type of algae that is present in your tank will be a variable factor in choosing the appropriate algae eater, so do some research before you buy. You can always contact the aquarium maintenance experts at Normal Aquatics with any questions you may have concerning livestock. Also, many algae eaters are not compatible with certain types of fresh and saltwater fish so you may want to consider keeping them in a separate tank and move them to your main tank when required.

Keeping your algae levels under control is a never ending struggle for every aquarium owner. It is important to understand that your tank should always contain some level of algae. Algae may be unattractive, but it is important because it devours left over nutrients and provides oxygen to your tank. You do not want to make it your goal to completely eliminate the algae from your tank, what you should be striving for is a natural balance that will allow your ecosystem to be healthy.

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