In this month’s article, we are going to discuss a subject that can considered a very irritating topic for many salt and fresh water aquarium owners, which is Algae. As a Connecticut aquarium maintenance service company, we receive a lot of questions and concerns related to algae accumulation and the best ways of preventing it. Many of our customers who are new to the world of aquarium ownership are under the false presumption that algae is very harmful to their fish, corals, or reef. However, in the majority of cases, algae is actually not harmful to the inhabitants of your tank.

The truth of the matter is, although extremely visually unappealing, there can be some advantages to having algae present in your fish tank. A few of the advantages include providing food for specific species of fish, creating higher levels of oxygen within your aquarium, and it can also work clear away hazardous organic matter from your water. However, as an aquarium owner, you want to be able to enjoy the activity and beauty within your tank, which can be difficult when your water is clouded in green.

The Connecticut aquarium maintenance professionals at Normal Aquatics have included some tips you can undertake, to allow your water to stay clear and free from high levels of algae accumulation.

Consistently change your water: It is crucial to change your water at least one time each month to avoid food and waste accumulation, which is what algae feeds and thrives off of.

Replace or clean your aquarium filter: Many aquarium owners are under the false understanding that your aquarium filter works to completely rid your aquarium of waste matter. However, this is not entirely true. Your filter traps the waste, where it remains until it is physically cleaned away or completely disposed of.

Refrain from over-feeding: It is recommend that you feed your fish in small amounts every 1-2 days. You will know that you are over-feeding your fish when you have noticed that your fish are not immediately devouring the food. In this case, you should use your net to remove the unwanted food. Over time, you will be able to gauge the correct amount of food to feed your fish each day.

Algae accumulation can be very irritating situation, which can reek havoc on the appearance of your aquarium. However, with by following the advice presented in this month’s article and providing ongoing aquarium maintenance services for your tank, you should not have any problems in managing with the issue. If you are interested in hiring the aquarium maintenance professionals at Normal Aquatics to provide ongoing maintenance for your salt or freshwater tank, you can contact us today at (203) 292-5922 to schedule your no-cost estimate and consultation. We serve all areas of Connecticut as well as New York, New Jersey and New England.