A custom aquarium for your home or office can add a great level of decor and aesthetic value to a room. Beyond the visual appeal of an aquarium, the soothing sounds of streaming water the water and the activity of the fish within your tank will also create a soothing atmosphere, which will help to alleviate stress. However, unlike a piece of furniture or art decorations, an aquarium will require ongoing maintenance to ensure the health of its inhabitants and overall appearance. If you neglect your tank, over time the health of your fish will deteriorate and an unsightly odor may permit throughout your room. The Connecticut Aquarium Maintenance professionals at Normal Aquatics have compiled a list of tips that will allow you to keep your tank consistently clean and presentable.

Water Cycling: Fish waste and excretion release ammonia into the water column and ammonia kills fish. Bacteria within the filter media will convert this ammonia to nitrite which is even more toxic than ammonia. This is why cycling the tank is so important, it produces bacteria in the filter that will support your fish economy by neutralizing their waste and making the aquarium habitable.

Clean and unblock filters: Occasionally the obvious solution to the problem is the correct one, and all you have to do to see fast cleanliness improvement is unblock the tank’s filter. Components such as Algae, rocks, decorations, and more can envelop your filter, making it inoperable. Beyond cleaning your filter, you should also completely replace the filter’s pad. You should look to the manufacture manual to see how often this should occur.

Feeding Habits: One of the most common errors made by aquarium owners is that they overfeed the fish. When there is excess food contained within the water, it will pollute the tank.

Clean the sides of the tank: Algae buildup on your aquarium walls can cloud the glass, and creates a murky appearance of your water. This can also be detriment to the health of your fish.

One of the main reasons why potential aquarium owners are deterred from purchase an aquariums is the maintenance that is involved. Maybe they do not possess the knowledge or expertise to perform the necessary maintenance or simply are too busy. If you require Connecticut Aquarium Maintenance Services, you can contact Normal Aquatics today. We provide weekly, biweekly, or monthly services depending on your aquarium’s needs and budget.