There are many advantages to installing a custom backyard pond on your property beyond the added beauty to your landscape. Installing a pond can be beneficial for water storage purposes, pest control, fertilization of your landscape, as well as the peaceful feeling of nature it will add to your property. If you are considering adding a new pond to your landscape, there are a few important questions that you should consider asking the Connecticut Pond Installation Contractors you are considering to hire for the project.

Normal Aquatics of Fairfield, Connecticut been designing and installing beautiful and natural ponds on properties throughout Connecticut and the New York City area since 1999. Our goal is to meet all of your pond or water feature requirements, from the initial pond design and installation to regular pond maintenance and cleaning. We also offer emergency overhaul services when needed. We have compiled a list of common questions that arise as homeowners are contemplating a pond or water feature installation project and have listed them below:

Will I need a permit to install my new pond? There are virtually no laws currently in place in the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York that specifically regulate water garden construction. However, there may be specific instances where a permit could be required, which will depend on the depth and length of your pond. You can contact the Connecticut pond installation professionals at Normal Aquatics for a free consultation and we will will perform the necessary research to see if a permit will be required.

What type of pond maintenance programs are offered once the installation is completed? Performing ongoing pond maintenance once the installation is completed is an important component to maintaining a healthy and clean pond. Normal Aquatics can establish a custom pond maintenance program that falls within your pond’s needs and your budget. We are highly trained in experienced in pond maintenance and can keep your pond looking vibrant for many years to come.

Do you have a pond design portfolio and pond installation testimonials? Normal Aquatics have installed many different types of ponds and water features throughout Connecticut and the New York City area over the years for both residential and commercial spaces. We have posted photos to some of our recent pond installation projects on your custom pond design portfolio page. You can also head over to our testimonials page or Google+ profile to view reviews from some of our satisfied customers.

Normal Aquatics is the premier Pond Contractor and Pond Maintenance & installation company in the Fairfield and New Haven County area as well as the New York metropolitan area. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful and functional water features designs that blend seamlessly with their surrounding landscape. Contact us today at (203) 292-5922 for a free consultation and estimate.

Normal Aquatics of Fairfield, Connecticut provides custom aquarium installations, aquarium maintenance and repair, and custom pond installations. Our service area includes the following towns and surrounding areas Stamford Connecticut, Greenwich Connecticut, Long Island, Westchester County New York, White Plains New York, New York City, Northern New Jersey, and all of New England. Contact us today for a FREE Consultation!