You do not have to travel to exotic locations to view the beauty and soothing sounds of a rushing water from a natural water fall, you can contact the custom water feature design and construction technicians at Normal Aquatics to install one in your very back yard. Please take the time to browse through our Ponds and Water Features portfolio to view examples from some of our recent ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and water features projects. Many of our professional pond installation projects will showcase a natural water feature such as a water fall, and we have the capabilities and expertise to install a waterfall of all sizes and scope, which can be within your desired specifications and budget.

Based in Fairfield County, Connecticut and servicing residential and commercial property owners throughout the tri-state area, Normal Aquatics is an award winning aquatics service company that has installed a great number of custom outdoor ponds and water features in the area. When it comes to designing a natural water feature, there are many elements that must work in combination to ensure a successful project, such as landscaping. The landscaping surrounding your pool or water feature will play a key factor in giving your water a feature a natural appeal. Normal Aquatics can assist you in selecting the best possible landscaping elements for the surrounding areas of your water feature and we can install irrigation systems and drainage that will allow your plants to remain healthy and flourish throughout the year. Masonry is another key factor involved in the project when we are designing and constructing your custom waterfall, fountain, or water feature. Normal Aquatics is very experienced in all elements of the design and installation process and have the tools and know-how to successfully complete the project.

If you are considering adding a natural waterfall, water fountain or feature to your property, Normal Aquatics offers free consultations. Our water feature designs are highly customizable and can include elements such as lighting, grottos, and can be design to fit into almost any indoor and outdoor location on your property. We have designed water falls that include a sheer fall cascading into a pond, or a steady stream of water coming down a hill through a series of rocks. Our fountains and water features can be a great addition to your garden and provide a relaxing visual and listening environment for you and your family. We have designed and installed large water fountains that have become the focal points in landscape design.

Normal Aquatics work reflects years of experience that has helped us achieve great levels of innovation, design expertise, technical excellence, combined with unparalleled craftsmanship. Our team of pond and water feature designers, builders and installers use modern concepts, eco-friendly construction techniques and comply with the highest industry standards to ensure each and every project is completed efficiently and within each of our customer’s specifications and budget. For more information or a free cost estimate, get in touch with us now. Call us at (203) 292-5922 to discuss your needs with our expert team.