With so many options on the market, choosing the best saltwater filter for your aquarium can be challenging to say the least. If you are a new saltwater aquarium owner, we recommend seeking advice from a professional before making a decision. Saltwater fish, plants and other creatures have different requirements than freshwater ones. A major difference is that in many cases they are much more susceptible to the effects of poor water conditions that fresh water animals are. This means that you must be even more rigorous in monitoring the water conditions in your salt water tank than in freshwater in order to keep your inhabitants happy and healthy.

The primary purpose of a filter is to keep the water in your tank clean. However another important task that the filter takes care of is making sure that the water in your tank is circulating. Ocean dwelling wildlife in particular is accustomed to waves, tides and currents. The water circulation makes the tank environment as close as possible to the real thing. Based in Fairfield County, Connecticut and serving the residential and commercial property owners throughout the Greenwich, Hartford, New London, and Danbury areas, Normal Aquatics is your go to place for custom saltwater aquarium design, installation, and maintenance. Below we have compiled a list of some of the most common choices for aquarium filters and the pros and cons of each one.

Mechanical filters:
This type of filtration method works by removing solid pieces and waste through its filtration system before it has had time to decay and become dangerous to the tanks inhabitants. The downside is that this type of filter tends to be much less effective in removing nitrates and ammonia, which can also reduce water quality. Also with this type of a filter it is important that is it either cleaned or replaced on a monthly basis because there is a risk that decaying matter can become caught in your filter and poison your water.

Chemical Filters:
Chemical filters are an effective and convenient way to remove many harmful pollutants such as copper chlorine m and metals from your tank. Most chemical filters are also effective in removing specific pollutants from your water if you are struggling with one thing in particular. However chemical filters do not help with circulation so they are thought to be most effective when used in conjunction with other types of filters.

Biological Filters:
Biological filters are a very common choice for saltwater tanks. It is a natural filtering system, which utilizes bacterial colonies, which are able to convert dangerous water pollutants into benign nitrates. Biological filtration is thought to be particularly effective in dealing with fish waste and uneaten food.

Sump Filters:
Sump filters are by and large thought to be the best and most effective filtration system for a saltwater aquarium, however it should come as little surprise that it is also the most expensive. Sump filters require a great deal of equipment and plumbing to work properly. Usually sump filters are placed below the tank within the cabinets and typically will include a protein skimmer, filter sponge, substrate reactors and a filter sock.

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