A key factor in maintaining the health of your fish, corals, reefs and other aquarium inhabitants is performing proper and consistent fish tank maintenance. Many people who are new to the world of aquarium owners are not aware of all of the components that go into providing a healthy environment for their fish. Even with a functional filter, the only true way ensure that your aquarium will remain clean and healthy is if you take the time to perform routine maintenance on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, over time the habitat will become less and less healthy for the fish. In this month’s article, the Connecticut aquarium maintenance professionals at Normal Aquatics will discuss the proper maintenance plan that you should follow to ensure the health of your aquarium.

Depending on the size and scope of your aquarium, it will not be beneficial for the inhabitants of your tank clean each facet of your aquarium on a daily and in some cases even a weekly basis. Also, you do not want to clean each and every component of your tank simultaneously. If the bacteria levels in your aquarium are disturbed at too great of a level, it can have an impact on the nitrogen cycle within your tank and cause a drastic increase in ammonia and nitrate levels, which will have a detriment impact on your fish. If you do perform a substantial cleaning, it is recommend that you test the water of your tank to ensure that all levels are correct.

Connecticut Aquarium Maintenance Services

You should perform an inspection of your aquarium filter, to make sure that it is running a full capacity, make sure that your lights and heater are working properly, and any other equipment should be inspected on a weekly basis. As you are feeding your fish, you should inspect them to ensure that their color and movements appear healthy and normal. Water testing should be implemented on a monthly basis to ensure that all pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels are normal. If your tank is experiencing high levels of algae buildup, it is also recommended that you test for phosphates. It is important to test your water before you perform water changes and any other aquarium maintenance. If your tank is inhabiting live plants, inspect each plant and remove any dead leaves, and prune excess growth.

Every aquarium is different and will require a maintenance schedule that is best suited for its unique conditions. If you have a fresh or saltwater aquarium that requires ongoing maintenance, the Connecticut aquarium maintenance professionals at Normal Aquatics can assist you. We have over 20 years experience providing full-service aquarium design, installation and maintenance for any environment. Our clients benefit from having the aquarium professionals at Normal Aquatics look after their aquariums and the heath of their fish. We have built a reputation for providing high quality and reliable aquarium maintenance to home and business owners throughout the Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts area. Contact us today to scheudle a no-cost estimate and consultation!