Koi Pond and Water Feature Winterization Tips | Fairfield, CTThe variations in temperatures that come with the changing of the seasons in Connecticut can cause major difficulties for many koi pond and water garden owners. The most challenging time of the year to maintain your pond or water feature is easily the winter season. Hiring a Connecticut koi pond maintenance professional to perform pond winterization is a very important process to maintaining the health and beauty of your pond throughout the cold temperatures and brutal weather conditions of the winter season.

The pond and water feature winterization process actually begins in the Fall season, which is an opportune time to place leaf netting over your pond to capture all of the falling leaves and debris that could potentially accumulate. Once all of the leaves on your property have fallen, you can remove the netting. As temperatures begin to fall, it is important to make use of a de-icing tool or aerator. The fish and plants will start their hibernation stage and will not need any additional feeding or fertilization for the winter season.

Once we get through the late fall and early winter months, and the temperatures begin to drop to the point where your pond begins to freeze, it is very important that you shut off all of your pumps and ensure that they are located below the freeze line. If it is not possible for them to remain below this line, you should disconnect them and relocate them to a sheltered location. It is imperative for your de-icing tool to be operational so that air is funneled to the water that is located below the ice line. Many pond owners make the mistake of physically breaking the ice, which can cause a great deal of stress and harm to your fish.

In the event of a snow storm, it is recommended to remove all of the snow from your pond or water feature, so that the sunlight will not be blocked out. It is important that your fish and plants receive the nutrients that the sun perpetuates. Having snow covering up your pond and water feature can also be a safety concern because people or pets may not notice the pond and can accidentally fall into it. An exposed pond will also provide a source of water for any animals such as birds or squirrels on your property.

To ensure that your pond or water feature is appearing vibrant and functioning properly throughout the year, you can turn to the Greenwich pond installation and maintenance professionals at Normal Aquatics. Our team of technicians is experienced and will be capable of meeting all your requirements. It is important for your ponds or water features to be functioning at it’s highest capacity as well as being ecologically sound in order to maintain a healthy environment for your fish and plants. Based in Fairfield, CT, Normal Aquatics can provide all of the necessary tools services and materials to achieve this goal.

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