Normal Aquatics offers a wide range of New Bedford aquarium maintenance and installation services for both residential and commercial spaces. We strive to meet all of your aquarium needs, from the initial aquarium design and installation to regular aquarium maintenance and cleaning. If you are an aquarium owner, you understand how frustrating it can be to find assistance when you have questions concerning aquarium setup and maintenance. There is an abundance of information online, which can often make you feel overwhelmed, especially when the information is conflicting. Normal Aquatics offers free consultations and aquarium tech support to aquarium owners throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts area and beyond. We can answer any questions regarding your fresh and salt water aquarium and ponds or water feature installations, such as water pump issues, water pH level testing, or selecting the best fish for your tank.

A common inquiry we receive from clients are concerns with the quality of their aquarium water and available water treatment products. There are a great deal of test kits available on the market that will test everything from pH levels to phosphate levels. It is very possible to maintain a healthy habitat for your fish, corals, and reefs without the use of water test kits, however utilizing test kits are very effective in removing the guesswork when there is a problem with the condition of your water. We have compiled a list of useful aquarium maintenance test kits that can be utilized to ensure a healthy environment for the fish, corals, and reefs of your aquarium.

There is a seemingly endless array of test kits for testing everything from ammonia levels to phosphate levels. You may be asking yourself if it is really necessary to purchase all of the different types of test kits available. In the following, we describe the test kits that we believe are most useful for maintaining a healthy habitat for your fish.

Freshwater/Saltwater Ammonia Test Kit

Fresh and saltwater fish consistently expel ammonia into the water of your aquarium through their gills and waste. A major factor that leads to ammonia buildup is the rotting unconsumed food and decaying waste. The excess ammonia is naturally filtered away from the bacteria that will build up on the floors of your aquarium, which is often referred to as the biological filter. However, often the balance of the bacteria and amonia levels will not be level, which is why it is very important to test for unhealthy levels of ammonia in your aquarium. Excess ammonia will have damaging effects on the gill membranes of your fish and effect your fish’s respiration process. Even the smallest amounts of ammonia can stress your fish and damage their immune systems which can invariably lead to fish loss.

Freshwater/Saltwater Nitrite Test Kit

Nitrite is commonly created in fish tanks by fish waste and uneaten fish food. It is produced by bacteria buildup in the biological filter as it attempts to suppress ammonia. Low levels of nitrite inhibit respiration and suppress the immune system of your fish, high levels cause suffocation and fish death. Nitrates are not considered to be as toxic as ammonia, however they are dangerous and can cause much added stress to your fish if they reach strong levels.

Freshwater/Saltwater pH Test Kit

Maintaining a healthy pH level is one of the most important factors of water quality and a healthy habitat for your fish, corals, and reefs. If your pH level is consistently unstable or remains persistently at dangerous high or low levels, then it can be extremely harmful for the organisms within your aquarium. When you utilize pH testing solutions to monitor the pH levels within your tank, you will incredibly improve the quality of life within your aquarium.

When it comes to evaluating the health of your fish, it is not always easy to tell whether they are in good form. Keeping the habitat of your aquarium healthy will often call for experience and knowledge of how to identify the proper disease. If you believe the health of your tank is at risk, you can contact Normal Aquatics at anytime for a free consultation. Normal Aquatics is proud to offer 24/7 Emergency Aquarium Service. If there is anything that requires immediate attention to your Aquarium or Pond, our Emergency Service team will be there right away. From a leaking sump, an Emergency water change (i.e. due to an accidental overfeeding, etc.), or a power outage; Normal Aquatics Emergency Call Team will be there to fix the problem the same day. Many competitors offer next day or even two day emergency call services, but many times it is too late. We take pride in being able to offer you same day Emergency Service, to ensure the stability of your Aquarium or Pond. If you are seeking an Interior or Exterior House Painting Services in Norwich, CT, we recommend contact DiNardo Painting of Norwich.

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