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As mentioned before, Normal Aquatics would like your help in adding to our client list! We are looking for new accounts of all kinds. Aquariums or ponds in either residential or commercial buildings. (Doctors and dentists offices are generally known for having aquariums in the waiting rooms.) Again, it could be anything from a one time service or new installation to a long term service contract and YOU GET MONEY!! When you have a referal just send us a facebook message or call our office at 203-292-5922.

The Way The Program Works:

FOR $300: The person you refer to us signs a 1 year service contract with Normal Aquatics

For $100: The person you refer us to gets a new installation of any kind

For $50: The person you refer to us needs only a one time service

Please feel free to contact us with any and all questions! Again, our office number is 203-292-5922