As most of you already know, our team here at Normal Aquatics travels throughout the Tri-State area and beyond every week to install and maintain custom aquariums ponds and fountains. We thought this week we would share some photos and give our readers a little background info on some of our projects we’ve done over the years. So here we go this is our day, we’re off to great places, we’re off and away! Take a peak and tell us what you think!

In 1999 we installed a custom 500 gallon saltwater reef aquarium in a beautiful home in Greenwich CT. Almost 14 years later we still pay them a visit twice a week to keep the aquarium and filtration system in prime condition. Many different creatures have made a home in this tank over the years. It was designed to cater to many different species of not only fish but coral and different types of marine invertebrates as well.

While we make our weekly rounds in Greenwich we stop by to see one of our other long time clients. In 2004 Normal Aquatics installed a 8500 gallon Koi pond along with 3 fountains on the property where the family was building their brand new home. As the project came to an end, we moved their pet Koi fish and turtle from their existing indoor pond to their new home. Our architect coordinated with their architect along with a team of skilled workers to create the 30’x20′ formal pond using peices from the families antique collection as decor.

Over the years we have also done a few jobs in New York City. From a town house over looking Central Park to a children’s library in Queens, no matter the project, our goal is to bring a sense of tranquility to any setting.

Above is a 500 gallon freshwater aquarium in the children’s department of the Queens public library.

Above is a 1000 gallon saltwater fish only aquarium that divides the living room and dining room in a Manhattan town house over looking Central Park.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about what we’ve done over the years. Check out our next post for a few other projects Normal Aquatics has done!

Normal Aquatics has been designing, installing and maintaining aquariums and ponds all over New England and the Tri-State area since 1999!