Maintaining a saltwater aquarium can be a gratifying experience. Many potential aquarium owners are under the false impression that saltwater aquariums are expensive and difficult to maintain, and with the abundance of fish, corals, and reefs available, it can difficult to establish. However, with a little bit of research, as well as guidance from the saltwater aquarium professionals at Normal Aquatics, constructing an ecosystem of fish and plants can be an extremely rewarding and attainable experience.

Understanding the best species of fish to inhabit your tank, the necessary ongoing maintenance, how to feed your fish, as well as other variables is crucial for allowing your fish to remain healthy and your plants or corals vibrant. If you are in the process of establishing your first aquarium, this can appear to be very daunting and confusing endevour. In order to assist you, the Connecticut saltwater aquarium installation and maintenance professionals at Normal Aquatics compiled a list of tips that you can follow that will allow the transition to becoming an aquarium owner to be a successful and stress free one.

Acclimate your fish. Fish can be fragile creatures. For the greatest results, ask the store associate what their water parameters for nitrate, nitrite, ammonia and pH levels are. You can then purchase a testing kit from the store. Before you place your fish into your tank, test your aquarium water for its chemistry. The larger the differences, the greater amount of time will be necessary in order to acclimate your fish.

Perform routine water changes in order to keep your aquarium water consistently clean. A water change is a fairly simple process which involves replacing a portion of your current water with new water. Over time, your fish will produce a great deal of waste in your aquarium which can force nitrate to buildup to unhealthy levels. The best solution to removing nitrate from your tank is to replace some of the water in your aquarium. It is recommended that you perform a water change on a bi-weekly basis and a typical water change should involve approximately fifteen to twenty percent of your existing water.

Aquarium Filtration. The correct function of your aquarium filter is extremely important to the health of your fish and ecosystem.. Your filter inserts should be replaced once a month. If you have a great deal of fish in your tank, it will require a shorter span of replacement. Trapped particles will decompose in the filter as they would in the tank. It is also recommended that the filter be cleaned once per month by utilizing the water pulled from your aquarium during the water change.

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