As one of the leading aquarium installation and maintenance services company in the Connecticut area, Normal Aquatics have installed fish tanks of all sizes and scope for salt-water aquarium enthusiasts throughout the area. A common question that we receive regarding aquarium maintenance involves issues pertaining to algae, more specifically, “Does too much algae in my tank create an unhealthy environment for my fish” or “Why do I have so much algae buildup in my tank?” In this article we are going to discuss the reasons why high levels of algae may be building up in your tank and put to rest the rumors by explaining why the majority of algae will not have a negative effect on the health.

The truth is, although algae buildup can be an extremely unattractive feature for your aquarium, the algae within your tank can actually possess a few beneficial qualities. The benefits of algae involve allowing an additional feed source for particular species of fish, providing a higher level of oxygen for your aquarium, and disposing of waste buildup from your fish tank water. Although these benefits we have listed can improve the overall health of the inhabitants of your tank, at the same time, whats the point of purchasing fish if they are not going to be visible due to a thick green film of algae. We have included a list tips that will allow your aquarium to remain clean and clear.

Perform water changes on a regular basis

In order to maintain a clean and aquarium, it is important to perform water changes periodically. Over time the remaining food that you are feeding your fish combined with the fish’s waste will accumulate and it will wind up becoming ingrained in your water filter or the gravel of your tank. The high levels of waste accumulate converts into nitrate, which is what your algae will feed off of and ultimately thrive. It is recommended that you change a good portion of your water at least one time over the coarse of a month. Beyond simply changing your water, you should also pick up a vacuum that will efficiently vacuum up the waste at the bottom of your tank.

Change your water filter on a regular basis

A major misunderstanding that we consistently encounter among our clients is that the water filter is in place to simply remove waste from your aquarium. However, the filters for your aquarium are not fully removing the waste, they are simply just trapping and holding the waste until they are removed and either replaced or thoroughly cleaned out. If your filters are not cleaned or replaced, the waste will again convert to nitrate. The majority of filters on the market will be able to be cleaned out three to four times before being replaced.

This will conclude Part 1 of the article on tips for keeping a clean aquarium and combating algae buildup. Algae can wreak havoc on the overall appearance of your saltwater aquarium, however with a small amount of research and learning, combined with some motivation to follow through with the cleaning tips, algae should not be a problem for you. We hope that you enjoyed this month’s article and we hope you check back next month for Part 2. If you are interested in installing a new custom aquarium for your residential property or commercial facility or hiring a professional aquarium maintenance service to maintain your aquarium, contact Normal Aquatics today at (203) 292-5922 for a free consultation and estimate!

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