Wall Mounted Aquarium Installation | Connecticut, New York City, Long IslandMany of our clients throughout Connecticut and New York have been asking us about the possibility of installing a custom wall mounted aquarium into their home or business. For most of our clients, they initially seem bit nervous about taking on such a project because of all of the potential construction involved, but they are also very intrigued by the idea because they know what a great addition it can make to their home or place of business. Normal Aquatics has experience installing wall mountain tanks of many sizes and proportions throughout the Connecticut and New York area. Our custom wall mountain aquarium installations can be designed to suit any type of location or style room.

Wall mounted aquariums can possess many advantages compared to standard floor installed aquariums. The most obvious advantage is that a wall mounted aquarium will not require any additional space on the floor of your room, which can prove to be very important for your home or business if you are working or living in a confined space. Wall-mounted fish tanks are great for locations where high levels of foot traffic occur, such as corporate lobbies, schools, banks, and entry/exit ways. It will also add a certain level of style and elegance to your home or business.

However, it is important to understand that the addition of a wall mounted aquarium will require some level construction, as they are implanted directly into the studs of the structure, which work to support the weight of the fish tank. It will require a stable installation that will allow a strong and secure base for your tank. You should also consider making preparations to obscure your wires and power-source. If you have an electric wire hanging from your wall-mount, it will take away the visual elegance of the aquarium.

Normal Aquatics has the experience and capabilities to perform true wall mounted aquarium installations, where the aquarium is constructed directly into your wall and we can also build a wall within your room to be used to embed the aquarium. The construction of a new wall can be useful if you are interested in utilizing your aquarium to divide your room into separate areas. Another advantage is that the constructed wall can be built to contain openings and storage compartments.

You probably understand that setting up a traditional aquarium can present many challenges and obstacles. If you are interested in a wall mounted aquarium, there will be a much higher level of challenges and safety issues to be concerned with. If you are interested in installing a wall mounted aquarium for your home or business, you can contact the Connecticut aquarium installation professionals at Normal Aquatics for a free consultation. From plumbing materials to filtration systems, our company will provide all of the materials and services necessary during the aquarium installation process of your custom aquatic display, so you can enjoy your aquarium without having to deal with the construction or installation process!

Normal Aquatics of Fairfield, Connecticut provides custom wall mounted tank installations, aquarium maintenance and repair, and custom pond installations. Our service area includes the following towns and surrounding areas Stamford Connecticut, Greenwich Connecticut, Long Island, Westchester County New York, White Plains New York, New York City, Northern New Jersey, and all of New England. Contact us today for a FREE Consultation!