Aquarium movers and relocation services are services provided by Normal Aquatics who specialize in safely moving and transporting aquariums from one location to another. These services are typically sought when aquarium owners need to move to a new home or if they want to relocate their aquarium within their current residence. You can contact us today at (203) 292-5922 to schedule a quick no-cost quote!

Here’s an overview of the aquarium transport services we typically provide:

  1. Initial Assessment:
    • Size and Type of Aquarium: We will assess the size, type, and complexity of the aquarium setup. This includes evaluating the tank dimensions, water volume, filtration system, lighting, and any additional equipment or features.
    • Current Location: We  will survey the current location of the aquarium, taking note of the accessibility, potential obstacles, and any specific challenges involved in moving the aquarium.
  2. Planning and Preparation:
    • Equipment and Supplies: We will ensure they have the necessary equipment and supplies to safely move the aquarium. This may include specialized containers, packing materials, lifting straps, and protective covers.
    • Disassembly and Packaging: We will carefully disassemble and package components of the aquarium, such as the tank, stand, filtration system, lighting fixtures, and any decorative elements. Each item will be securely wrapped and labeled for easy reassembly.
  3. Transport and Reinstallation:
    • Safe Transportation: We will transport the aquarium components using appropriate vehicles and handling techniques to minimize vibration and impact during transit. They will ensure the tank is well-supported and insulated to protect it from temperature fluctuations.
    • Reinstallation and Setup: Upon reaching the new location, we will reassemble and set up the aquarium. This includes reattaching equipment, reconnecting plumbing, and recreating the original aquascape. We will also ensure proper leveling and positioning of the tank.
  4. Water and Livestock Care:
    • Water Preservation: If possible, we will preserve a portion of the existing aquarium water during the move. This helps maintain the beneficial bacteria and reduces stress on the aquatic life.
    • Fish and Livestock Handling: We will handle the fish and other livestock with care, using appropriate containers and techniques to ensure their well-being during transport. We can recommend acclimation procedures to help the livestock adjust to the new environment.
  5. Post-Move Services:
    • Equipment Testing: After the relocation, we will ensure that all equipment is functioning correctly, including the filtration system, lighting, and heating elements.
    • Water Quality and Adjustments: We may assist with testing and adjusting the water parameters in the new location to ensure a healthy and stable environment for the aquatic life.
    • Consultation and Advice: We can offer guidance on any necessary adjustments or improvements to optimize the aquarium’s conditions in its new setting.

It’s important to note that the complexity and cost of these services may vary depending on factors such as the size of the aquarium, distance of the move, and specific requirements of the setup. Normal Aquatics can help ensure the safety of the aquarium, its inhabitants, and a smooth transition during the relocation process.

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